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Youth Group
Congratulations to Ashley Murphy, one of our AAA members, on such a special award!
3/13/2012 11:55:00 PM 
Two nominated for ARC youth hero award

The nominations for the American Red Cross Heroes Youth Award in Clinton and Highland counties have been announced. There are two nominees from Clinton County, Ashley Murphy and Lyndsey Kelly.

The Heroes Youth Award is one of several awards which will be announced at the annual Clinton and Highland County American Red Cross Heroes Breakfast on Wednesday, March 28, at the Roberts Centre, 123 Gano Road, north of Wilmington. Doors open at 7 a.m. Heroes Awards in eight categories will be presented.

Ashley Murphy was nominated by Phil Swindler of Swindler’s and Sons Florist and Interact Club liaison. Murphy is being nominated for her service in the community and with the local American Red Cross Office, as well as her academic and extracurricular achievements.

“I think it is rare to find a student that will invest at least six to eight weeks of their time in regimented leadership and responsible citizenship programs, however that is exactly what Ashley has done the last few summers while attending Culver Academy,” Swindler said. “Ashley is hardworking, committed and focused. I have heard her speak to our Interact Club about Red Cross opportunities and her passionate appeals to action have lead many students to take part in Red Cross activities. I think Ashley would consider herself a very ordinary high school student, but what separates her from her peers is a willingness to sacrifice her time for the benefit of someone else. She has done this quietly for years, but this award should go to someone who does it humbly and not for a resume builder. Ashley is caring and considerate when working with people, but tough and competitive as an athlete. I wish I could quantify her impact on the Wilmington High School community, but her commitment to the Red Cross mission will leave a trail of committed students long after she has left.”

Murphy attends the Clinton and Highland County American Red Cross Leadership Council meetings as a Wilmington High School representative. She tries to spread and expand the Red Cross mission and values throughout her peers at school and in her extracurricular activities. She has been involved with Red Cross since 2011 and tries to include her time and assistance in events going on throughout each year.

Murphy is also a member of the Interact Club at Wilmington High School which is a volunteer service club. She enjoys taking ideas from her attendance at Red Cross meetings and incorporating them into events and other activities going on within her Interact Club. She has been a member of the Interact Club and Junior Council of World Affairs Club (JCOWA) at Wilmington High School since September 2011.

Murphy has enjoyed swimming since she was very young. She has been on the high school swim team for three years. Before entering high school, she swam on a USA Club team called the Dayton Raiders for five years. She received the Gold Goggles Award for High School Swim Team in 2009 and 2010.

Murphy has shown horses at open shows and at Appaloosa breed shows since she was seven. Some of the special awards that she has received are: Outstanding Youth of the Year for the Appalachian Appaloosa Horse Club in 2011 and Miss Buckeye Appaloosa for the Buckeye Appaloosa Horse Club in 2009 and 2010.

Murphy lives with her father Jeffrey, mother Paula, and younger sister Lindsey. She has a dog named Taffy and an Appaloosa horse named Stiltz. Her future plans include going to college. She plans to major in pharmacology, which will take six to eight years to achieve her degree.

Lyndsey Kelly was nominated by Deputy Connie Roberts of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office.

Kelly is being nominated for the efforts she made to help support members of our military. In November 2010, she started a project to supply care packages to troops overseas. The packages included Girl Scout cookies, ramen noodles in a cup, candy, magazines, toiletries, snack foods, DVDs, and other items. She worked with her mother to make homemade chocolate chip cookies to sell at school during lunch time to her peers to raise money for the shipping costs of the troops “goodies” which filled up nine boxes total.

Her mother, Bonnie Kelly, states, “Lyndsey is an ordinary child who executed something that a lot of adults could not handle. This project was all her idea. She wanted to send a care package to someone. As we talked and researched, she decided to ask her teacher if her classmates could help her. She was instrumental in involving her entire elementary school and then finding a unit to send the care packages to. She did all the correspondence via email to the captain of the unit, with the help of her third grade teacher, Emily Pinkerton. Mrs. Pinkerton was very supportive of Lyndsey and her efforts.”

Kelly was “coined” by Master Sergeant Justin Deisch at Wright Patterson Air Force Base for her efforts in providing care packages for the Medavac crews of the Army overseas in April 2011. The coin has the three ranks of master sergeant, chief master sergeant, and senior master sergeant on one side, and the quotes “Integrity First,” “Excellence in all We Do,” and “Service before Self.” The tradition of “coining” started during World War II and is an honor.

Kelly has been trying to put together another round of care packages, but with the troops coming home she has not been able to complete this new project.

She has attended Mt. Olive Church of Christ for eight years and is active in youth group service projects. She is a member of a group of fourth and fifth graders at New Vienna and Sabina elementary schools called “Challenge.” They meet with a gifted class instructor, Barbara Glass, once a week at East Clinton Middle School. These students are involved in enrichment activities at the school.

Kelly attends New Vienna Elementary and lives just outside of town. Her parents are Bonnie and Dan Kelly. She has two older siblings — sister Olivia and brother Logan — and a cat named Midnight.

Kelly plans to attend Wright State University and major in the medical field. She wants to be a doctor or join the military and work in a hospital overseas.

“While I am in college I would like to be a waitress to earn a little bit of money and my dream car to get would have to be a Volkswagen Beetle Bug,” she said.

She plans to get married and have three children when she grows up.

We want to congratulate some of our members that were winners of some highpoint awards at the QUAD A RAMA show in Findlay, OH this past weekend and The Buckeye Spring Oppotunity Show in Wilmington.
Wilmington show @ Roberts Arena, Wilmington, OH
High Point Novice Youth - Ashley Murphy with her horses DZS Top End and Breezin On Down
High Point Halter Gelding with 4 GRAND Champion Gelding Awards - Cassidy Thompson with her horse Chips Nightsinger
High Point Masters Exhibitor - Karen Mamajek

Quad A Rama Findlay, OH 
Reserve High Point Masters Exhibitor - Karen Mamajek
Reserve High Point Halter Gelding with 2 Reserve Halter Wins - Cassidy Thompson and Chips Nightsinger

"Apps"olutely Amazing Youth Group News...


The Youth Group is at it again!
  Awesome job kids from everyone in Appalachian Appaloosa Association.  We are all so proud of each of you and are so happy for all of your wonderful achievements.  We also want to thank everyone in the Club for the continued support of our Youth during the year and with their activities...all we want is for our members to know how appreciated they are as a person and honored we are to call each of your families' members in our association.  Thank you all! 

 MOSCOW, Idaho—The Appaloosa Youth Association (AYA) and the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) would like to congratulate the Appalachian Appaloosa Association (AAA) Youth Club for winning the 2009 Regional Youth Club of the Year contest!
Members of the club compiled a wonderful scrapbook displaying last year’s activities and the importance of charity events, unity, and most importantly, the fun they had with their horses.
When discussing their promotion of Appaloosas, AAA President Kelly Engle-Thompson spoke about the group’s outlook of promoting the breed to everyone they encounter. “One person at a time, one child at a time equals a positive breed impact.”
The AAA Youth Club lives and breathes this philosophy. To make a positive impact, the 22 to 24 members attended many local breed specific farms to learn about other breeds while they spread the word about Appaloosas. Ranging in ages from 5 to 18 they are all very passionate about their Appaloosas.
Last year, the AAA Youth Club was involved with numerous events to promote Appaloosas. Nicknaming themselves “Lots of Spots,” they attended many open shows to introduce Appaloosas to others. Joining up with local events they brought their Appaloosas out into public for everyone to have a chance to experience their breed of choice. While hosting clinics, tack sales, and youth demonstrations at Equine Affaire to promote the breed, the AAA Youth Club still found time to attend several local community service functions. The club also participated in last year’s World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show held in Jackson, MI
The group has won recognition in Appaloosa Journal, the ApHC Email newsletter and the AYA web site and will receive an etched glass award at the 2010 Appaloosa Banquet in Jackson, Mississippi. They also won $100 to be used for club activities or awards.
The 2009 Regional Youth Club of the Year scrapbook will be on display throughout the year at the Appaloosa Museum in Moscow, Idaho, and during the 2010 World Championship Youth Show in Jackson, Mississippi.
                For more information about the AYA, contact the (208) 882-5578 ext. 400 or
                The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) was established in 1938, with a mission of preserving, promoting and enhancing the Appaloosa breed. The ApHC has since registered more than 670,000 Appaloosas, which are known for their distinctive color, intelligence and even temperament. True to their reputation as an extremely versatile breed, Appaloosas can be found in nearly every discipline including racing, endurance riding and serving as reliable family horses. The international breed registry is headquartered in Moscow, Idaho, the heart of the Palouse region—the Appaloosa breed’s namesake and point of origin. 
Best Regards,
Kaleigh Perry 
Kaleigh Perry
ApHC Public Relations Coordinator/Staff Writer
2720 W. Pullman Road
Moscow, ID 83843
Phone: (208) 882-5578 ext. 252
Fax: (208) 882-8150 





The Appalachian Appaloosa Youth Group competed in the National Appaloosa Horse Show Team Tournament in July 2009. The team was named Lots of Spots Equestrians.  The team members were: Megan Harris, Ashley Murphy, Dustin Hancock, MacKenzie and Madison Purvis, Adam Levy and Cassidy Thompson.


They won the Stall Decorating Contest among the teams that signed up and each team member won a grooming bag from The Appaloosa Horse Club.  They also participated in the Judging contest for the first time ever, and got a respectable 9th place finish.



 Also for the team, Adam Levy won the speech contest for 14-18 age group and Megan Harris won the 9-13 age group.



At the team challenge the day of the show, they tied another team for first place and won halters and duffle bags.  They won two out of the four events they performed in, the Roping contest and the Wheelbarrow Race (and ours was spotted of course). 


Great job for the spirit and sportsmanship that you kids showed in all the competitions, we are so proud of each one of your accomplishments both individually and a group! 


Our youth also placed very well in the show classes that they participated in.  Results are as follows:

Adam Levy-

                                                Photo courtesy of Larry Williams Photography
                       World Champion in Youth Most Colorful with Enduring Vision

                        4th (Top Five) in Youth Halter Aged Mares with Enduring Vision 

                        3rd (Top Five) in Youth Jr. Mares  with Visions Brite Image


Cassidy Thompson – Top Five in Lead Line with Solar Spots


Megan Harris – 6th in Youth Heritage



Great Job to all the kids and they should be proud !! 

Ashley Murphy and Solar Spots
Photo courtesy of Larry Williams Photography

Dustin Hancock and Kaylee

Appalachian Appaloosa Association is very proud of their Youth Group and hopes that we can encourage more kids of all ages to join in the fun!
Remember, you don't have to have a horse to join or participate in Club events, we do educational meets where participant horses are not needed and non-horsey gatherings as well.  Check out the Events page for information as they are added!